Williams are the first to release images of their new car.

Our first sight of the long awaited next generation of Formula One machines. I’m a little underwhelmed. Two very grey and very plain images uploaded onto YouTube showcasing the 2017 Williams did not provide much excitement.

Of course, the more intricate details of the car will remain hidden from the prying eyes of their competitors until very last possible moment. So the car itself looks pretty plain.


I like the look of the new wing shapes. The front wing certainly looks aggressive, and I welcome the return to a slicker, lower rear wing.

A lot of the aerodynamic gain from this new breed of cars is coming from the floor and the diffuser. Bargebaords, which perform a key role in the controlling of airflow, are set to make a return. The shadows of these images do well to obscure the details.

There will obviously be additions to this car between now and Melbourne, but I have to say from the outside, the car looks extremely normal. Virtually identical to last years.

It has become the trend, as budget efficiency has become a priority, for teams to release computer-generated images of their cars. Instead of the glamourous team events of the 90s which were often outrageously expensive.

Formula One continues to evolve

The watering down of those events has sucked some of the life from the sport. The cost of racing has multiplied beyond measure, and so such extravagant spending on something which has no bearing on the speed of the car has become unthinkable.

It’s an unfortunate, but understandable evolution of the sport. The new cars look good. But this new era, which has dominated Formula One headlines for the last year, has had an extremely understated introduction.

(Photo by Williams)

(Photo by Williams)

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