What makes a great drive?

Lewis Hamilton’s drive in Brazil provided another example as to why many consider him the best in the world. In a race where everyone had trouble in tricky conditions and numerous accidents and spins caused havoc in the midfield, Hamilton enjoyed a completely uneventful race.

From start to finish he kept the car straight whilst comfortably outpacing teammate Nico Rosberg. While it may have appeared easy enough, Hamilton admitted that the wet conditions made it an extremely challenging Grand Prix.

Perfect driving is misunderstood. Fans don’t appreciate it. It appears boring from the outside. But that kind of driving is what impresses me the most.

Breathless action and overtaking is what excites the majority of fans though. And I can’t deny that Max Verstappen did a lot for the sport’s reputation as well as his own. The conditions were unpredictable, and his Red Bull team’s strategic mistake paved the way for him to produce one of the most exhilarating drives you will ever see.


Verstappen’s reputation is becoming comparable to a young Michael Schumacher

Exhilarating yes, but Max was driving a superior car on superior tyres as he scythed his way to third place. His team-mate Daniel Ricciardo struggled all race with his visor fogging up, it is not unreasonable to assume both Red Bulls could have made similar made progress.

There were impressive overtakes. Hanging it round the outside of Sergio Perez whilst handling a slide over the kerb will stick in the mind. It could have gone very wrong but the way Verstappen had driven up to that point – that save – nothing was going to be a problem for the guy.

But even with all that, Hamilton’s pace was far superior to the Red Bull. At the end of the day, the fastest driver will win the race. As such there is no argument that Hamilton’s race was superior to Verstappen’s.

Having pulled out a lead in the opening laps after the safety car start, there never looked like being a reply from any of his rivals. Lewis executed the multiple restarts perfectly, and managed the constantly changing conditions with such finesse.

It was a true example of how to drive, and Lewis Hamilton proved again that he is a true master in the wet.

Simon Ostler

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