Video games. Where has all the fun gone?

Lately, whenever I sit down with some spare time to play some games, I find myself lost on what to play. I become more and more glad that I kept hold of my old games over the years.

Video games have slowly had the fun sucked out of them recently. It has all become very serious. Games used to have so much character, and so much life within them. I think that’s what really brings me back to them after all these years. The feeling I get is what I really look for, not the number of ways I can kill a thing.

Should games be fun?

Is it just me who looks back to the older generation of gaming and thinks it was just better? I’m talking about more than nostalgia here. I’ve felt for a while now, and I touched upon it in my ‘open worlds’ post, but the video game landscape is becoming very one-dimensional. Despite all of the advances in technology, I feel like I have less to do.

I can either explore a huge world, play football, shoot people or drive cars. All things that I enjoy, don’t get me wrong, but I miss some of the genres I used to love. Platforming and JRPGing for example. There have been attempts to re create some of the classics, ‘I am Setsuna’ is one that springs to mind, but nothing of the quality of the originals.

Increases in realism have been a detriment to my gaming enjoyment. My main motivation to play games in the first place is to get away from the stress of real life. There are some exceptions to this, Metal Gear Solid V, Final Fantasy XV and The Shadow of Mordor. The trouble is I’m not  finding enough games that provide anything different.

I have enough realism in my life

There needs to be more fun around the gaming industry, it has all become very serious of late. I always end up going back to PS1 Classics. Crash Bandicoot, Devil May Cry, MediEvil to name a few. These games had individuality and character. The lack of real life elements is what I find really made these games enjoyable. I could get stuck into a truly exciting experience, detaching myself completely from the real world. It was fun, a game.

The recently announced Crash Bandicoot Trilogy could do a lot towards reintroducing those kinds of games to the mainstream. I am really hoping the game sells and developers take notice.

For now I will continue to delve through my game collection and pick out the fun, colourful and light hearted games from the past. Whenever I need a contemporary fix, I know I will have a horde of realistic and grown-up games to choose from.

(BagoGames CC BY 2.0)

(BagoGames CC BY 2.0)

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