Valtteri Bottas has his Chance

I am a fan of Valtteri’s, he has been somewhat of a figurehead in Williams’ resurgence. Originally touted as a future champion when he made his debut in 2013, Bottas has beaten his team mate in every season of his F1 career so far. At various moments he has demonstrated his talents in the car.

Unfortunately, he has stagnated at Williams. Over the last two years, the team have been stuck in the void between the midfield teams and the top three. Perhaps understandably, Valtteri was beginning to show signs of unrest at various stages last season. Some comments he gave implied he was ready for a new challenge. Although he was embroiled in the epic battle between Williams and Force India, it is pretty clear that he believes his talents are better spent further up the grid.

(1) Bottas has made a name for himself at Williams


So far though, an opportunity at a top team has eluded him. The seats at Mercedes and Red Bull having been locked down, and Ferrari preferred four-time champion Sebastian Vettel to replace Fernando Alonso in 2015. It was appearing more and more unlikely that any such opportunity was forthcoming. He certainly owes any future successes to Nico Rosberg.

I think Valtteri will score victories with Mercedes, he is too good a driver. The Lewis Hamilton factor will remain the big question. I get the feeling Bottas is a driver who does not look too closely at the other side of the garage. He shares the ice cool characteristics of his Finnish compatriots and I can’t say I have ever seen him rattled during his time in F1. I expect he will see this as an opportunity to prove his ability against the perceived best driver in equal equipment. In that respect, I believe he will be more than capable of competing. Whether he can Lewis to the World Championship, I’m not so sure.


((Featured Image) Takayuki Suzuki CC BY-SA 2.0)

((Featured Image) Takayuki Suzuki CC BY-SA 2.0)

((1) Morio CC BY-SA 4.0)

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