Super Mario 3D World – The past meets to the future.

Super Mario 3D World was released for the Wii U back in 2013. It’s a game that has been on my wish list since then, but only this month have I finally had the chance to play it.

The Mario games pioneered the platforming genre and this game has lost none of the charm of the original. Nintendo continue to remain true to the Mario D.N.A. The classic format remains, and the new 3D visuals have faithfully followed the design and feel of the early games. The characters, obstacles and enemies remain loyal to their original designs, and their new 3D models have been created with real care and attention. These iconic individuals have retained their age old quirks.

Level design has always been at the core of the Mario games since the very beginning. ‘3D World’ does well to continue that trend. The same grass platforms, the blue sky backdrops, the teleport pipes and movable objects are all present and beautifully transformed in 3D. The essence of the series is coursing through this game.

3D World is instantly recognisable as part of the Mario series.

I of the am in constant awe of the creators of these incredible worlds. As you meticulously figure out the game’s numerous puzzles and challenges, you can’t help but appreciate the genius of whoever put the pieces together. Everything about the game simply oozes quality. There aren’t many series I can name that have maintained such brilliance over such a long period of time.

The game’s multiplayer elements are what really make this game great. I have spent the majority of my time in the game playing alongside others and this is where the enjoyment factor hits another level. The multiplayer chaos is an inevitable but essential part of this game. It is the only way I would consider playing. The intention of the designers was to have up to four players cooperating with each other to carefully and smoothly work their way through each level. Unfortunately there is nothing more enjoyable than picking up an unsuspecting mate’s character and throwing them off the side of a platform.

As a single player adventure, the game is still an excellent example to modern developers. The trouble is, while there is a story, it isn’t particularly deep and it doesn’t offer much other than a to provide a reason for the madness. Mario has never been about the story.

Fun. This game is the epitome of the word. While there is a moderate level of challenge, that challenge never gets to stage where you want to stop playing. I never want to put the game down. Because I know that once I clear that one difficult level, I will be rewarded with more and more of this game that I absolutely love. That’s the best part about it, there’s plenty of it. Advancing through world after world of unique and diverse level designs will keep you entertained for a proper length of time. This is a proper video game, made properly, by the creators of the best selling game series of all time.

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