Nico has earned his world title chance.

I struggle to understand the comments surrounding the possibility of Nico Rosberg winning the world title this season.

The German holds a significant advantage over team mate Hamilton, who is the only driver left with a chance to challenge. But I’m hearing a lot about the injustice of Rosberg winning the title even if Hamilton was to win the final four races of the season.

Nico’s lack of ability to accept losing, which lead to the kind of petulance between drivers we haven’t seen since Senna/Prost, cast a shadow over him last season. That has resonated with fans this year, note the booing he received through the summer. He doesn’t have the kind of following that his Mercedes partner enjoys, but his attention has been focused so intensely on his job on the race track that the results have spoken for themselves. Nico has had a determination etched on his face since the first day of testing in Barcelona. That determination has barely faltered up to this point.

After a huge start to the season, taking the first four wins while Hamilton struggled to tie down any meaningful consistency. The one backward step he has taken was the somewhat miscalculated action on the final lap in Austria. The win he lost there very quickly became four on the bounce for Lewis, and presented a huge problem for the German who up until that point had dominated the Driver’s standings.

His intent to succeed didn’t waver and following the summer break, which came at the perfect time for him, he returned to the top of the podium after a staggeringly strong weekend. Once again building up what has become an almost unassailable advantage.

Nico has currently achieved nine wins, one more than Lewis, and has only to finish the final two races in second behind his teammate to secure the championship. No one has ever lost the championship having won nice races or more in that season. At this stage, the championship leader must find it incredibly difficult to remain totally focused and avoid the distraction of possibly becoming World Champion.

I can’t help but wonder if there is yet one more twist in the run up the final chequered flag of the yet. It wouldn’t be unreasonable for Rosberg to expect a clean bill of health for the remainder of the season though. The number of retirements due to mechanical problems is as low as it has ever been as engine manufacturers seem to be getting the hang of their power units at last. This is a point Hamilton would be justified to argue. There is no denying the horrendous luck Lewis has suffered this year.

It seems now that the only cause for concern from a Rosberg fan’s point of view is whether the guy can hold himself together. The pressure he is feeling must be massive. He is now two races from becoming world champion and realising a life-long dream. As steadfast as he has been up to now, is there a breaking point?

He has earned his position as championship leader, and performed brilliantly for a huge majority of this season. There would be absolutely no injustice in Nico Rosberg becoming a Formula One world champion.

Simon Ostler

I am currently training to become a Journalist. I write best when my subject is something I enjoy. I have spent time working with CAR Magazine and Parkers.

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