Mercedes and Porsche will not affect Formula E’s future

  • CEO Agag is happy the rules are clear
  • Porsche and Mercedes refused extra freedom
  • Allowing all teams to compete is most important

Good news! The big boss of Formula E has come forward and told us categorically that his sport will not suffer the same fate as Formula 1. Fears averted.

It’s understandable that such fears were beginning to surface with the impending arrival of two big name brands to the series. Formula E looked like heading in a dangerously similar direction to its single-seater cousin.

So it will be up to Alejandro Agag and his team to maintain the status quo. He remains confident that the rules were written to help prevent an arms race.

Equal oppotunities

Keeping costs down and controlling the development of major components will be important. And fortunately, it seems like the manufacturers agree.

The series needs to make sure it protects its smaller manufacturers with less financial backing. The more competitors we have the better.

I am fairly confident that Mr Agag will have seen enough of Formula 1 to know that allowing teams a controlling stake in Formula E is a ridiculous idea. Give them a rule book, and let them compete against the rest of field.

A sporting example to other Formula

The real strength in Formula E is the depth of competition. While Renault e-Dams have so far dominated the constructors’ championship, we have had three drivers’ champions in three years.

Sebastian Buemi has been the series’ most consistent performer, but eight other drivers have scaled the top step so far. It’s worth mentioning that those drivers have driven for eight different teams. That level of competition is what makes the sport worth watching.

For now at least, Formula E is in good hands. With strong management and a solid view to the future, electric racing can build into a world leader of motorsport.

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