My interest in Fomula E is growing with every E-Prix. Formula 1 could learn a thing or two.

After two seasons of learning and adjusting, a pecking order is beginning to establish itself in Formula E. Just 1 point decided the Drivers’ Championship in season one. In season two, the margin was 2 points. Seven drivers had scored a victory for six teams in the 22 races prior to season three kicking off in November. This season, the most successful driver in Formula E, Sebastian Buemi has dominated the opening three rounds. Such a run of form has been unprecedented for this young series.

Being a single chassis Formula, the series lends itself to competitive racing. Podiums are possible for any team. The fact that in season three only Jaguar, who are new for this season, are the only team without a podium finish says a lot.

(1) The original Formula E car was designed by Dallara and used by all teams.


Renault e.Dams have established themselves as the team to beat. Buemi, along with Nicolas Prost, has helped to carry the French marque to both teams’ Championships. And that form looks set to continue, three wins from three giving them a 51 point advantage already. This is an inevitable part of all sport. Someone has to do the best job, and this team look to be doing just that.

There is only so much they can do to better their opponents, though. The rules have done their job in ensuring a close, competitive racing. I still see plenty of opportunity for other drivers to stand on the top step and offer a challenge to the high flying Buemi. Jean Eric Verne pulled off a terrific race for the in-experienced TECHEETAH team. He, along with Lucas Di Grassi and Nico Prost, are all capable to mounting their own title charges.

Formula E is getting interesting

I had taken an outside interest in Formula E during it’s junior stages. Watching only when I happened to find¬†it was on. I have found myself getting slowly more involved in the series. The Championship has proven itself to me, there is a definite credibility now. Young drivers who were in danger of having their careers cut brutally short have been given their chance to prove themselves. A second chance for reputations that were¬†tarnished by struggles at the summit of Motorsport.

Formula E has a solid future in my eyes. It will never have the heritage of Formula 1, but I think the future of Motorsport is in good hands. The racing is far purer than anything offered by the ‘pinnacle’ of Motorsport. Yes, the FanBoost is more than a little gimmicky. But the drivers are racing each other, hard, for entire races. Locked brakes are as common as the whiny radio messages that have become far too prominent in Formula One recently. Thoroughly entertaining stuff. I will continue to watch with excitement.

(Stuart Allen CC BY 2.0)

((1) Smokeonthewater CC BY-SA 3.0)

(Stuart Allen CC BY 2.0)

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