Formula 1 Performance Analysis – Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez currently sits 8th in the Driver’s standings. Only behind Felipe Massa outside the top 6. This is now the Mexican’s 7th season in Formula 1 and, having struggled during his season with McLaren, has proven himself among the best in the business. Beating his highly praised team mate last season was a considerable feat. The next step for him now is surely to seek a seat in the top 3 once again. If he continues to perform at this level, Sergio Perez will be hard to ignore.

The pace of this Force India car is questionable, they are some way off reaching Q3 at present. The team are clearly not at the level they were last year. Yet, they remain the only ‘midfield’ team to score points with both cars in all races so far. From relatively poor starting positions, Sergio has gained 14 places so far this season. The car is certainly quick through a race distance if nothing else.

Another year to prove himself

I’m glad Sergio decided to stay at Force India for another season. Turning down Renault was certainly a risk, but the midfield battle is so open right now that anyone can score points at any time. The fact he has beaten Renault at every race so far will please him.

2017 will be Sergio’s 4th season at Force India.                                                                                                                     Image: Morio CC BY-SA 4.0

Since his move to Force India in 2014, Perez has shown some pretty remarkable consistency. Scoring points in 70 percent of his races including 13 race points scoring run dating back to the German Grand Prix last year. His team mate Hulkenberg achieved only 62 percent. Perez took home 4 podiums, while Hulkenberg managed 0.

The performance is there, and his form at the beginning of this season is certainly promising. The trouble is, it’s difficult to see where his career goes from here. His year at McLaren was a tough one, although he was driving a car that was 5th quickest at best. At the age of 23, it was a steep learning curve, one which he should never have been judged upon. The move to McLaren was a mistake, but an important lesson, one which he will do well to remember when he considers his next career move.

2013 was a tough year at McLaren.                                                                                                                                             Image: Morio CC BY-SA 3.0

Will he get another chance at the top?

That is now the big question hanging over Sergio Perez, where does he go next? Looking at the three teams ahead of him, there is only one seat you look at as a possibility, Kimi Raikkonen’s. Red Bull are unlikely to need drivers for the foreseeable future, with Verstappen and Ricciardo cementing their places in the team. Mercedes have two strong drivers, although both Wehrlein and Ocon will be next in line should Bottas lose out. Wehrlein’s performance in Bahrain definitely put a spark in his credentials.

As it stands, Ferrari look to be the only team who may be on the lookout for a driver next season. All Perez can do is perform as he has done and he will be in with a shot. He has the measure of Hulkenberg, who was once seen as the next in line at Ferrari. Grosjean has also had his sights some red overalls since his move to Haas, but whether he is genuine contender is debatable. I don’t see anyone driving better than Perez at the present moment though.

The ongoing battle with Esteban Ocon will be very interesting. Mercedes have highlighted the young Frenchman as a future Champion. If Sergio beats him, then that will solidify his status as one of the very best.

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