Will Felix Rosenqvist become a Formula E legend?

Rosenqvist wins in Berlin

Rosenqvist took his first victory in Berlin in June Image: KAgamemnon CC BY-SA 4.0


  • Finished an impressive 3rd in season three

  • No news about his future plans

  • Has the potential to be a legend


The second half of Formula E season three threw up a number of shocks. In the shadows of the dramatic championship climax, Felix Rosenqvist had an incredibly strong end to the season.

He consistently showcased his ability and innate speed throughout his debut season, but after achieving his first victory in Berlin – which he neatly followed up with a second place the following day, Rosenqvist hit a purple patch which saw him take two further second places on his way to third in the drivers’ standings.

Rosenqvist – big talent, uncertain future

Mahindra and Formula E would both benefit from holding on to this guy. He is an exciting prospect with buckets of talent. However, as it stands, there has been no news on his future.

Rosenqvist tested successfully for IndyCar giant Chip Ganassi during his time in the US this year. The Swede has solid ties in that part of the world having raced in the 2016 IndyLights series and taken three wins prior to his Formula E debut,

So Felix Rosenqvist’s future is uncertain. His focus is likely to remain within the echelons of Formula E or IndyCar. Unfortunately, he looks unlikely to ever find funding for a drive in Formula 2 or Formula 1.

Formula 1 remains the pinnacle

The only real problem left with Formula E is that, even as the pinnacle of electric motor sport, it is still effectively a part-time series. The majority of drivers have various other commitments alongside Formula E. Rosenqvist himself has been competing in Japanese Super Formula this year against the likes of Pierre Gasly. He currently sits third in the championship incidentally.

That fact makes it difficult for young and ambitious drivers to commit their futures to the series. Especially when there are other opportunities to progress further up the ladder to potential drives in Formula 1.

For the time being at least, Formula 1 is still the target. Any driver with ambition will be aiming to become Formula 1 World Champion.

While Formula E will continue to grow into a full-time championship, it takes time to build up the infrastructure to develop a full-time season. When it does, that is when Formula 1 will have a true sporting competitor.

Rosenqvist could be the Gilles Villeneuve of Formula E

I would like to see Rosenqvist spend another year in Formula E. If he is able to find a team capable of winning races, he could be a title contender. That team could well be Mahindra, with whom he scored five podiums on his way to 3rd in the championship last season.

Felix Rosenqvist driving for Mahindra

Rosenqvist took Mahindra to their first Formula E victory. Image: KAgamemnon CC BY-SA 4.0

He has that streak of excitement about his driving style that is reminiscent of Gilles Villeneuve. Always on the absolute limit and never far from the next spectacular overtake.

He’s a good match for street racing. His record or two wins and two 2nd places at Macau underlines that point. Rosenqvist has the potential to be a Formula E legend in years to come.

(Feature Image: Xubahuba CC BY-SA 4.0)

(Feature Image: Xubahuba CC BY-SA 4.0)

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