F1 Launch Season – Cars look good, the excitement is brewing.

The Formula 1 launch season is now well under way. The new Sauber, Renault and Force India cars have all been introduced to the fans. The buzz of excitement surrounding the sport is building up.

The new Renault is a striking specimen, and definitely looks like it ought to be quick. But similar to the images we have seen from the Williams, this evolution of the regulations has not affected the aesthetics of the car that dramatically.

Something unique

Shark fins look set to become universal this season, the lower rear wings clearly requiring some assistance in managing the airflow from the middle of the car.

Today’s new car however, the Force India, does introduce some individual concepts. The unique ‘nostrils’ that were a feature of last years car have evolved. The airflow channels are still present, but they have been extended. Unfortunately, this leaves the nose looking similar to the appendages that were so unpopular in 2014.

Another feature of this new Force India is this very interesting looking hump positioned just between the wheels. Dangerously close to another Formula One eye sore of recent years – the stepped nose. It doesn’t look as bad, and actually, I’m happy to see some variety on the grid.

Formula 1 is looking good

Vijay Mallya stated during the launch event that he is harbouring a truly optimistic target of third place in this year Championship. Clearly the team is confident. I get the feeling that, even though this car is effectively a brand new design concept, they have managed to implement some well researched developments from their previous car. Force India will be a team to watch during testing.

Renault themselves have stated their intention to climb the ladder this season. They are going to face some pretty stiff competition. There are going to be some pretty healthy rivalries in this years Championship.

Something that is pleasing me more and more each day are the new liveries for this season. The aesthetics of Formula 1 have been struggling for the last couple of years, but this year, the three teams that have broken cover so far have nailed it. Sauber’s flashes of gold look classy and reflect the sport perfectly. The black elements on the Renault make the car look quick and bold.  The silver which has slowly spread across the Force India over the last couple of years is continuing to consume the entire car. Perhaps they think they have found Mercedes’ secret.

Formula 1 is looking good. There is still a lot more to come, but I’m ready to see them on the track.

Simon Ostler

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