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Formula One is a sport, and sport was developed as a form of entertainment. For thousands of years’ sports of all kinds have provided an escape from the stresses life can cause.


Lewis Hamilton celebrates with fans

As the world has evolved however, a thing called money has taken to the fore and taken control of pretty much everything that happens on the planet. The trouble is, people with more money than most tend to have more control. It always seems that they don’t always care about the things they have control of. This can be said of many things, and it has absolutely been the case for Formula One for several years now.

For those in control, Formula One is their business. It is a source of income for owners and investors. For everyone else though, Formula One can be a form of escapism. The thrilling action, the intense drama, the fairy tale stories, the elation in victory or the desolation in defeat. Formula One is a sport, a form of entertainment.


Tyres take a beating in the action

The entertainment in all Motorsport is found in the fierce competition between cars and drivers. The wheel to wheel action, sparks flying and cars travelling at speeds on the edge of belief. Couple that with the nerve and skill of the drivers, who seem to possess skills beyond human capability. In Motorsport, each discipline provides something different, touring cars offer high impact, close and intense racing. Endurance racing offers deep strategic intrigue coupled with beautiful machines built by the greatest car manufacturers in the world. Open wheel racing gives us futuristic and extreme thoroughbred race cars, pushing the limits of mechanical engineering. While they all have specific characteristics that make them unique. In my eyes, Motorsport is as entertaining as it gets.

Formula One has struggled in recent times to deliver the kind of racing the fans want to see. There are arguments that Grand Prix racing is deeper than just non-stop action and that each event has its own story arc that twists and turns as the laps are completed. But I believe it is very fair to say that the racing has caused those stories to become one dimensional and repetitive. There’s only so many lights to flag victories you can watch with enthusiasm.


Nico Rosberg has taken 9 victories in 2016

We need more possibilities. To be asking more questions during a race. Over the two-hour period of a Grand Prix, we should be thinking, wondering what the outcome is going to be as the world’s greatest drivers fight with all they have on a three mile stretch of Tarmac.

There are things that can be done to improve the situation. The money is there to invest and, with the new owners Liberty Media bringing with them the opportunity of a fresh start, the future of Formula One seems brighter. The talented people are there to make it possible and the fans are ready to enjoy it.

Simon Ostler

I am currently training to become a Journalist. I write best when my subject is something I enjoy. I have spent time working with CAR Magazine and Parkers.

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