Carlos Sainz must get a drive in a winning team quickly.

A look at the current line up of Formula One drivers fills me with optimism. There is quality right the way through the field. I’m looking at Wehrlein stepping into Sauber, the two Haas drivers and Perez at Force India. Hulkenberg at Renault is bound to impress, and the McLaren pairing looks set for fireworks. The driver who perhaps stands out most to me is Carlos Sainz. Seeing that he has somehow been forced to remain at Toro Rosso is a sour note on an otherwise appealing grid.

For a driver that has performed so brilliantly throughout an entire season to receive absolutely no reward, is worrying. Over the last year, Sainz has been labelled with every possible superlative. Yet he remains stranded, driving for an uncompetitive team.

This situation has been aggravated by the rise of Max Verstappen, a

(2) Verstappen has already taken his first win for Red Bull.

man who Sainz was able to match for pace while they were teammates in 2015. To me, it is unacceptable that two young drivers, who are both extremely talented can be treated so differently. Such injustice is, unfortunately, the harsh reality of F1. Many quick, young drivers have been discarded due to circumstance. While while I don’t think an extra season at Toro Rosso will jeopardise Sainz’s career, each season spent stagnating is an opportunity missed.

The New Generartion

As a member of the sport’s “New Generation”, I am sure that Carlos will go on to become a Grand Prix winner. He, along with the likes of Vandoorne, Wehrlein and Ocon, will soon find himself in the fight for victories. If he ever gets his opportunity.

I cannot see that opportunity coming from Red Bull anytime soon. As I have said before, the Red Bull partnership is probably the most exciting in Formula One. The team have absolutely no reason change anything right now. Based on that fact, Carlos Sainz must be given an opportunity by Red Bull to find a competitive team willing to offer him a drive.

(2) Sainz was more than a match for Verstappen in 2015.

The bottom line is that we want the best drivers winning races. The sport is undermined when the most talented drivers are stifled by poor equipment. Of course, it is up to Sainz to force a promotion with his performances, but he has done everything he could. Many of his results last year were the outcome of some truly outstanding racing. There is no doubt in my mind he has earned his chance.

Looking ahead to 2018 (too early?), there will be opportunities for the Spaniard. Alonso, Bottas and Raikkonen will have expiring contracts. You have to think Sainz will be in the running for one of those seats. If he isn’t, there is something seriously wrong with Formula One.

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((1) Lala_77 CC BY-SA 2.0)

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