About Me


I am Simon Ostler, a 24-year-old student at Portsmouth University
training as a journalist. Outside of the work I am doing for my degree, I am concentrating on building my experience and outreach as a writer through this website.

I write as often as I can, focusing on Formula One. It is a subject I am deeply enthusiastic about.

I have yet to grow out of my childhood obsession with cars. Every opportunity I get to drive something, whether it is on the road or on the track, I will take it. Having been a motorsport fan since I was born, I have invested a huge amount of time building my knowledge of the subject. My decision to chase a career as a motorsports journalist has always been on the cards.

Having begun to improve my skills as a writer, I am finding it more enjoyable to write down my ideas. Sharing them with anyone who has the time to read them provides a real motivation for me.

For me, this site as the beginning of my efforts to achieve my ambition as a widely recognised motorsports journalist. A platform which will help me to showcase my passion and ideas.